Our Mission

Driven by the Founder's philosophy to make a difference and the Chairman's vision to settle for nothing but the best, our mission and mandate is unambiguous - to be India's finest, internationally bench-marked and technologically advanced Quality Testing Laboratory for Clinical TDM, Food, Water, Environment and Drug Testing using the most accurate, sensitive and sophisticated instruments available in the world today.

jubin photo

Jubin George Joseph - COO

Head of Operations, Business Development and Vision Planning

Close to two decades multi-sectoral and cross-functional experience spanning clinical, pharma, food, environment and natural products specialising in ultra-trace analysis on contemporary instrumentation by rapid, cost-effective techniques.
Jubin holds a Masters in Analytical Chemistry and has worked on key A-R&D projects for some of the biggest brands across sectors - Food, Pharma, Chemicals, Engineering like HLL, Tatas, ITC, BASF, Bosch, Biocon....

Meet the Team

Dr. Kishore Shenoy - RESIZED

Dr. Kishore Shenoy

Head - QA and Certifications

Dr. Shenoy is a foremost expert in food and drug certification, lead auditor for ISO 17025 and Government approved Authorized Signatory for Chemical and Microbiological analysis. He has been Chief Analyst, Laboratory Head and VP Technical at the biggest laboratories in India.


Dr. Sowmya Hegde

Senior Scientific Officer

Hands-on experience in Ethylene oxide (EtO) residue analysis and detection of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium,  cadmium and nickel by ICP across various matrices including blood, urine, hair, food, water, drugs, cosmetics and ayush samples; developing and validating techniques for sub-ppb/ppt.


S. Pragass

Quality Manager

Go-to person for the most complex of matrices in food and water testing with three decades experience at national and international laboratories. Co-ordinated recent national and APLAC Proficiency testing program at RATL that returned the highest Z score among certified laboratories.


Paul J. Joseph

Junior Scientific Officer

PG in Food & Dairy Science with a basic degree in Microbiology. He brings to RATL extensive research, production and analytical skills in the field of food & dairy microbiology through his experience in Australia and the US. A go-getter who thinks out of the box, bringing a fresh view to the field of testing, but operating within its limits and standards.


Dr P. Yuvaraj

Technical Manager

Dr. Yuvaraj holds a PhD degree in Biotechnology and specializes in the use of advanced instrumentation for micro and nano analysis of biomolecules and toxic residues. He has worked extensively on LC-MS-MS, GC-MS and ICP-MS, besides pre-clinical toxicology.


Chintam Varalaxmi

Junior Scientific Officer

PG in Pharmaceutical Research & Analysis from Belgium with extensive experience in developing and validating advanced bio-analytical techniques for drug moieties, metabolites, steroids, TDM, Vitamins and Toxic residues by LCMSMS. Laxmi has been exposed to and is familiar with compliance audits, ICH/OECD/FDA guidelines.