RAMAIAH ADVANCED TESTING LABORATORY (RATL) always strives to be the best at what it does, namely testing. In this endeavor, our laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology and state-of the-art instrumentation. Among our Quality Policies are “consistent provision of quality testing focused on accuracy, precision, and speed”, and “enhancement of personnel competency and continual improvement of practices’. We benchmark ourselves with internationally set standards in terms of testing and laboratory practices.

In this effort, RATL recently participated in a Proficiency Testing (APLAC) organized by the Standards Council of Canada, Quebec, Canada. Thirty-six laboratories from all over the Asia-Pacific regions competed in the same. In the Proficiency Testing, our laboratory code is AP – 034.

Testing was carried out for the detection of metals in three biological matrices, namely, blood, urine and hair samples.

We can proudly state that our test results returned excellent ‘z’ scores in many of the sample matrices underlining our focus on ‘accuracy, precision and speed’ and re-iterating the fact that we ‘benchmark ourselves internationally’.